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Roaming DATA - Webbing Spot - Portable WiFi Device - Rent NOW


If you are only going on a short trip or do not travel regularly, you may wish to consider our rental program.

You can rent a device for $1 per day (min 7 days) and you only pay data costs for the days it is switched on and used.

There are 3 easy steps:


  1. Select rental commencement date
  2. Select the number of rental weeks required (if you require more than 90 days, please contact us)
  3. Your device will be received at least 2 business days prior to your rental commencement date. A $22 return shipping option will apply
  4. A security deposit of $100 will be charged to your credit card at time of dispatch
  5. Your full rental period will be charged upfront at time of dispatch


  1. Use the device whenever you need in the countries you are travelling to
  2. We will charge your credit card (used for original rental purchase) weekly for data days used only. You will receive a receipt by email


  1. We send a return consignment note with your device delivery
  2. You arrange for the device to be collected and returned by the end date of your rental contract
  3. Your $100 security deposit will be refunded in full on receipt of device undamaged, in full working order and with all included components
  4. If your device is not returned by the final day of rent you will incur further daily rental charges


By purchasing this product online, and ticking the authority to charge credit card during the check out process, your card will be debited upfront for rental days and shipping. The security deposit is charged at time of dispatch and then ongoing charges weekly for usage days .

If you would prefer to pay for the product using PayPal we will contact you after your order has been processed to set up a credit card authorisation (as ongoing charges must be paid using this method).


For full Webbing Terms and Conditions, download here.

Click here for Webbing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


$22 covers delivery to your door and reply paid return courier charge. Paid at time of rental purchase.  Please select the FREE Webbing Rental Shipping option upon check out.