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roamingDATA Portable WiFi Device - Buy NOW

roamingDATA Portable WiFi Device - Buy NOW

Purchase NOW ONLY $149.00 +GST

You can purchase your very own roamingDATA portable 4G WiFi device or share with your colleagues, friends or family.

There are no lock-in contracts and you only pay for the days you use – simple!

Payment for ongoing usage charges can be made by credit card or you can apply for a monthly account (minimum 10 devices purchased).

roamingDATA is a post-paid product – you will receive a centralised monthly invoice for days used only plus administration fee.

By purchasing this product online and ticking the authority to charge credit card during the check-out process, your card will be debited upfront for the device.  Your card will be debited monthly for usage days and administration fee.

If your payment preference is PayPal we will contact you after your order has been processed to set up a credit card authorisation as ongoing charges must be paid using this method.

Once you’ve placed an order a member of the Roaming Solutions team will contact you regarding your preferred Global Day Pass selection.

CLICK HERE for roamingDATA Terms & Conditions