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Don’t wait in a queue for a VISA – apply online with RoamingVISAS and we will deliver your visa to your door.

Obtaining a visa can often be a stressful, confusing and time consuming process which is why Roaming VISAS have partnered with Toll Visas Direct, Australia’s premium visa service to provide you with the easiest and most cost effective alternative to waiting in line for a visa.

As a company synonymous with trust, you can be assured that all Toll Visas Direct visa information is accurate and current, making obtaining your travel visa a quick and stress-free process.

Toll Visas Direct is not only a secure and reliable door-to-door service; it is also easy to use, cost effective and saves you precious time and expense.

Toll Visas Direct Features

  • Secure online system - Easy to use online visa advisory and visa processing system catering to multiple destinations, nationalities and reasons for travel. Online payment by credit card through a secure payment gateway.
  • Expert advice - Whether travelling for tourist, business, conference or any other purpose; the online information will ensure visa accuracy.
  • Clever technology - On screen alerts which will advise if there is not enough time to obtain a visa or if it is too early to apply based on your departure date and intended dates of entry.
  • Track progress - Online tracking of visa applications allows you to monitor progress from pick up to completion. Estimated completion date is provided on screen which is updated constantly.
  • Price competitive - Great value, competitively priced service options with discounts for more than one applicant.
  • Fast turnaround - Visa applications are promptly scrutinised by our visa experts, lodged at diplomatic missions and monitored for fast visa issuance.
  • Door to door courier option - Simple to use courier booking tool allows you to arrange the safe collection and return of your passport and visa application.
  • Local call cost number – Once an application is submitted online a local call cost number is provided should you wish to contact us for any reason.

Toll Visas Direct provides:

  • Accurate and current visa information
  • Visa application forms
  • Online and phone visa advice from our specialised Research Team
  • Online tracking and status of your visa
  • Collection and return of your passport by Toll Priority courier
  • Easy online payment by credit card through a secure payment gateway

Toll Visas Direct Process

Toll Visa Direct Process

Apply Online

Apply online with Roaming VISAS & Toll Visas Direct

Courier Pick Up

Your passport will be picked up by a Toll Priority Courier

Documents Checked

Documents checked by visa experts and delivered to the relevant consulate


Visa is issued at the consulate

Visa Drop Off

Your passport is returned by a Toll Priority Courier

If you require a visa for an upcoming overseas trip, whether it be a tourist visa or business visa, choose Roaming VISAS partnered with Toll Visas Direct for the most convenient, stress free and cost effective visa solution available in Australia.

Please click HERE to be transferred to our preferred partner website – Toll Visas Direct for more detailed information and to obtain your visas. Happy and Stress Free Travels!!