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Roaming DATA - WEBBING SPOT Portable Wifi Device (works Internationally)

Webbing Spot is a portable mobile WiFi device that works with up to 10 mobile devices (smartphones, tablets or laptops) at once. Webbing Spot creates a personal WiFi network that keeps you connected while you're on the go. With 11 hours battery life, it is equipped with global SIM cards that enable mobile data services in about 150 countries worldwide (split into 4 Zones).

This compact, lightweight device (70 grams) does not require any setup or installation - just turn it on and you're ready to enjoy high-speed data services wherever your travels take you. With Webbing Spot, you'll never look for a WiFi connection again.

The bonus is you control the costs. You get unrestricted* data usage for as low as $12 p/day (Zone dependent) and you only get charged for the days that you use. Perfect for the business or leisure traveller who needs reliable and affordable Data overseas without being restricted to a café, the hotel lobby or business lounge and without the Bill Shock.

We have 2 purchase options available depending on your needs. You can either buy the Device outright for $129 (+ shipping) or you can rent the Device for $1 p/day.

There are no lock-in contracts and you only pay for the days you use.

*Daily Zone 1 usage limit is 400Mb. Additional days may be purchased within same 24 hour period.
* Daily Zone 2 & 3 usage limit is 300Mb.  Additional days may be purchased within the same 24 hour period.
*Daily Zone 4 usage limit is 50Mb. Additional days may be purchased within same 24 hour period.



The Benefits of WEBBING SPOT for Travellers

GLOBAL REACH - Mobile WiFi connectivity in about 150 countries.

MULTIPLE MOBILE DEVICES - Connects to up to 10 devices at once.

CONVENIENT - Works with any smartphone, tablet or laptop 24/7 data access on demand wherever you go.

EASY TO USE - No setup or installation required. Switch on when you land and connect
straight away.

PORTABLE - Compact, lightweight device (70 g) for "on the go" travellers.
No restrictions to Wifi hotel zones.

AFFORDABLE - Low-cost unrestricted daily data plan that can be shared across devices.
Only pay for the days you use. No hotel WIFI access charges.

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY - On demand mobile data services let you get work done effectively. 11 hours of battery life (200 hours on standby).

CENTRALIZED ACCOUNT BILLING - Post-paid - One monthly invoice for the actual days
used only.

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