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Dear Roaming Solutions,

I have just been away for 5 wks travelling around the UK and Europe. I purchased a RoamingSIM for the trip and it was awesome.  Coverage was good, one number to give out to everyone to contact me on – didn’t have to get a new SIM and phone number every time I went to a new country.  The local number was a bonus – especially in the UK as my family and friends called me on that number so local call cost to them and for me it was FREE to receive the call – can’t get better than that!  I also bought the monthly Global Data bundle and was able to use my phone just like I was at home. Great product for people travelling to different countries and want to be able to stay in touch with home without huge bills.  Thanks RoamingSIM!!

Georgie M

Written by Luke Duggan — November 20, 2014

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