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Peter O - New Zealand Local SIM Review

Hi Roaming Solutions,


We got a couple of New Zealand SIM cards for our 2 wk holiday and wanted to let you know they worked really well.  

Very easy to install, simple set up / activation, excellent app from Vodafone to track usage. Coverage was great – never had an issue.

We used all of the data on both (finished it at the airport as we were leaving!), plenty of texts in NZ and to Aus, modest number of calls.

Was certainly cheaper than roaming with our own SIM Cards and so easy there was really no drama. (Well, we did have difficulty getting the damn SIMs out of our iPhone, but that is another conversation with Apple!)


Thanks, Peter O

Sue M - USA Local SIM Review

Hello!  I have just returned from 4 weeks in the USA and bought the $80 USA SIM. I am 70 and not all that technical so the fact that I was able to get the SIM before I left and after sending my initial email to register I had nothing more to do until I arrived when my number was texted to me.  Best thing for me was I could call back to Aussie landlines and it was all incorporated into the cost. SMS was also included and data too. It was exactly the product I was looking for and I am so pleased I didn’t have to try and find a solution once I arrived.  Fantastic, good value  – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Sue M

Steedman Family, East Malvern.

“Our family recently travelled to the USA and found the T-Mobile USA SIM Card a stress free “must have” travel item.

Prior to departure, we received a registration welcome text with information on how to check our balance and what our new USA number would be. During the trip we were updated via Text’s from T-Mobile with helpful and reassuring information on technical support, how to change details & PIN numbers etc and confirmations of balance changes.

T-Mobile provided exactly what we were looking for - a USA SIM card that worked well, provided unlimited texts and data and a guarantee we wouldn’t come home to a nasty phone Bill!

We highly recommend the T-Mobile USA SIM Card”

Georgie M - Roaming SIM Review

Dear Roaming Solutions,

I have just been away for 5 wks travelling around the UK and Europe. I purchased a RoamingSIM for the trip and it was awesome.  Coverage was good, one number to give out to everyone to contact me on – didn’t have to get a new SIM and phone number every time I went to a new country.  The local number was a bonus – especially in the UK as my family and friends called me on that number so local call cost to them and for me it was FREE to receive the call – can’t get better than that!  I also bought the monthly Global Data bundle and was able to use my phone just like I was at home. Great product for people travelling to different countries and want to be able to stay in touch with home without huge bills.  Thanks RoamingSIM!!

Georgie M

Terence Harris - Corporate Blue

I think I’ve used 2 days worth now going off local times.

I think it will be a really handy tool, thanks

Jeff Sochacki - Gleeson College

The use of the Webbing Spot mobile data Wifi device was an outstanding device whilst travelling around Japan with secondary students. The device was simple to activate that  required no configuration, was portable, lightweight and provided teachers and students with high speed access to the internet whilst abroad. The device had great battery life and recharged quickly and the costs savings this device saved us compared to a data roaming on a mobile phone device is quite significant. A must use for groups and or individual travelling anywhere where internet access is needed.

Andrew Carazzo - Dryen Australia

Just a bit of feedback re the Roaming SIM. User didn’t take the iphone SIM, but the IPAD Sim worked a treat whilst she was overseas!!

Lindsay Somerville - Sydney, NSW

I used my Roaming Sim card successfully when we cruised to NY via Iceland and Greenland from Southampton on Crown Princess. The Roaming Sim allowed me to save money on outgoing and incoming SMSs and phone calls while in ports  in Canada and USA.
Being able to check my balance by SMS was helpful and it was a free service.

John Wilkinson

"The best thing about purchasing a roaming sim card was that I didn't come home to an expensive mobile phone bill - There were no hidden surprises, I knew exactly how much I was spending and was easily able to check my balance and top up when required"

"Being given a local Australian number was a real benefit to my family - it was good to know that they could call me at anytime and only be charged for a local call"

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