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There are so many places to visit in the world, and everyone seems to have a different idea of what the best destination is.  The reason for this of course is that huge variety of places, the amazing things to see and the unique tastes and styles from all around the world.

Here are what some of the biggest names in travel have to say when it comes to finding the best places in the world to visit.

Trip Advisor reviewed their Top 25 Destinations and Marrakech in Morocco was their winner

Marrakech by KatitaC, cc 2.0


Marrakech is full of old world charm, with gardens, markets, mosques and palaces.  It’s a beautiful place to explore with its many courtyards, alleyways markets and general beauty.

Other destinations that they rate highly include:

  • Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Prague, Czech Republic

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Lonely Planet’s 2015 Best value destinations – Tunisia is the winner

Tunisia-4555 - Eastern Portico by Dennis Jarvis, cc 

Bang for your buck is a great reason why this uncommon destination is considered their best value destination.  But there are some challenges with a relatively recent terrorist attack so check the travel warnings before going.

Some areas may be considered quite safe, but other areas are at the time of this writing suggested to be only visited for essential travel.

This is such a shame, Tunisia was just starting to recover in it’s tourism and now with the attack the destination will fall short on a lot of people’s lists.  But if you want to see an area of the world vastly different from Australia then this is surely high on the list.

Lonely Plannet’s other top pics included

  • South Africa
  • Shanghai
  • Samoa
  • Bali
  • Uraguay

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USA News Suggest London as the World's Best Place to Visit

London by Karim von Orelli CC

USA News compiled opinions for travel experts and travelers, a LOT of travelers in fact.  The winner was London and over 14,000 people voted for it!  So if you are looking for a huge variety in a small space with amazing landmarks and modern day attractions you could be on a winner in London.  With so many small hidden gems you could keep yourself busy for a very long time finding everything that you would want to see and do.

If you want to know what other travelers rate as the top 25 destinations check it out here: 

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NY Times - 52 Places to Go in 2015 winner is Milan, Italy

Duomo - Milan by Lorenzoclick, CC

There are lots of romantic cities in Italy, but when it comes to style, vibrancy and charm Milan took out the trophy for the New York Times.

The 2015 world expo will be hosted in Milan in 2015 and it has brought with it a lot of improvements to the city including a number of urban renewal projects designed to breathe life into some previously neglected areas.

From formally dilapidated harbor areas like La Darsena to historical attractions like Duomo many areas have had a fairly hefty spruce up.

If you were looking for a better time to visit Milan I think that you would be hard pressed finding a better time to go than right now.

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Travel Channel’s Top 10 Vacation Spots lead by Paris

Paris by Moyan Brenn, CC

Paris is actually the most visited tourist city in the world, so it’s not surprising that it is high on the list of places to see.  With beauty and diversity all within a short trip it’s one of Europe’s must see places.

You could easily spend months in Paris and hardly see half of what they city has to offer but there are loads of great tours that will take some of the planning challenges away.  But don’t forget to get off the beaten track as well, there are loads of amazing smaller galleries there, and you certainly should be relaxing in busy cafés at every opportunity.

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National Geographic’s Best Trips 2015 winner is Corsica – Napoleon’s Soulful Island Home

Corte - Corsica 2007 - by Dino Olivieri, CC

As you can imagine, National Geographic’s top pics are simply breathtaking.  They are really stand out places but also somewhat off the beaten path.

Many of the places are like undiscovered treasures, and I can’t help but wonder if they will be as good in the years to come.  So follow their advice and go soon if you can.  The photo’s they have are awesome and this article has loads of great information on each destination.

A few of their favorites are

  • Corsica
  • Medellín, Colombia
  • Koyasan, Japan
  • Maramureș, Romania
  • Haida Gwaii
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Tunis, Tunisia

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The Street’s Top 10 (US) Travel Destinations for Summer 2015 (the US summer)

Monument Valley, Arizona, USA by Michael Seljos, CC

Well, it’s cold here, so why not go on a trip?  And why not the US? Well, if the Aussie dollar is anything to go by then you probably can think of a reason or 2 to avoid the USD, but if you are set on a USA holiday then these guys have a list of the most popular destinations for US residents according to a recent study.  So if you want to go where the locals go then this could just be the start of the research that you need.

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Lonely Planet comes up with The world's best places for extreme eating

Witchetty Grub by Daryl Fritz, CC

Ok, so you’ve done the tourist things and you want something a bit more extreme?  Maybe extreme eating is for you then.  There are some pretty odd things so perhaps it’s more about seeing some of the odd things that are eaten in some countries.  Hey, we’re on the list with Witchetty Grubs, so it’s fair to say that we do eat some strange things as well.  But if you wonder what they eat in Peru then this is the the article for you.  Beware though, some of these are not for the faint of heart.

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Wow, so many great places to visit and so many things to see.  Time to get out there!  Where are you off to next?

Written by Luke Duggan — July 31, 2015

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