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Have you ever stopped and wondered what you could do on your holiday next?

The truth is there are so many different holiday destinations, and so many different things to do that you really can't run out of amazing places to visit.

But have you taken a holiday that includes visiting one of the greatest festivals in the world?

Here we have some of the best resources on the Internet to help you find out exactly which festivals are the most exciting, most interesting, most popular and coolest in the entire world. Our list covers everything from the most common festivals all the way to some really crazy and wacky ones. For example did you know that there is a The Monkey Buffet Festival? Don't worry, it's all about feeding Monkeys!

So check out the list and make your next trip something extra exciting

50 Greatest Festivals in the World


Broken down by date, this fantastic list of 50 different festivals makes it really easy to figure out exactly when and where everything is happening. From hot air balloons to water fights they have pretty much everything you could be looking for.

These guys Axley have a whole lot of other resources that you could possibly find interesting as well!

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The Worlds Largest Music Festivals

Although they don't have exact dates for everything, this has got be one of the best lists of the biggest music festivals in the world.

With information on music events in many different countries including Serbia, USA, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Brazil and more, it's safe to say that in a matter which country your visiting there will be something call happening.

When they say the world's largest, they really mean the largest. They're talking about the largest number of people attending the music festival and the largest one actually had 3.2 million people in 2013 with over 2000 different acts across 21 stages. So when they same large, they certainly mean it.

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25 Most Insane Festivals From Around The World

If you're looking to something a little bit more unique, there are some pretty out there festivals.

This list certainly has none of the regular options in a so be prepared to be surprised. There is everything from tuna throwing to rolling down a hill after a cheese wheel. Like I said, a bit unique.

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23 World Festivals You Won’t Want To Miss

Here is another simple list, with a whole pile of different common and popular festivals throughout the world.

I think my favourite would be the snow and ice Festival in China, that looks amazing and I would love to go someday.

1. Snow & Ice Festival — Harbin, China


This annual festival takes place in the city of Harbin in China. It is now the world's largest ice and snow festival and has become an international festival.

Officially the festival starts on January 5th and lasts for one month but it's not uncommon to find exhibits opening earlier and even staying longer providing that the weather holds up.

Running yearly since 1963 this festival has some truly amazing ice sculptures.

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22 Breathtaking Festivals Around The World That You Must See Before You Die

Looking to something a bit different? Check out this list of unique celebrations from all around the world. This list is full of unique ideas, but most would be quite suited to the average traveller.

There's nothing too crazy here, just interesting which is fantastic.

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The Rio de Janeiro Carnival - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the vessels that they mention here is The Rio de Janeiro Carnival, check out our other post on this festival here


20+ Of The Craziest Festivals Around The World That Bring People Together


With everything from massive food fights to an underwater music festival there is something here for everyone.

Festivals can offer you an amazing experience when visiting a new country. There's nothing like seeing something like tomato fight in Spain or a music festival. Festivals attract people of similar interests, so if you're looking for a way to meet people with similar interests to yours why not check out a festival?

Here are 20 of the craziest festivals from around the world

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The 10 Most Insane Festivals Around The World

Here are some other great ideas of some unusual festivals to experience.

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30 World Festivals to Experience Before You Turn 30

I have no idea why they say that you should do that before you're 30, you should see any of these at any age, they just look absolutely fantastic.

From amazing cultural experiences through to adrenaline rushes like you've never had before, these guys show 30 of the world's best.

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Written by Luke Duggan — July 29, 2015

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