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Whether it’s business, because it’s just the time of year that you are going, a trip to an area that is nicer with snow or simply because you like the cold then we have the ultimate guides anywhere on the internet to show you exactly what you should bring and how you should pack it.

The Contiki suggested packing list for a European holiday


The Contiki site has loads of information on packing and what to bring, this site covers the basics and is easy to follow so if you are looking for the basics then it’s a great simple resource to follow.

Specifically focused on packing for a European Winter this has all the basics of what you should bring.

To see the full article visit


Sonia’s Winter Packing Guide

Sonia’s travel guides are great, she makes the complex nice and simple in every video that she has (and she has over one hundred!  Sonia goes over exactly what you should bring so that it all works together in the most usable way without weighing you down with unnecessary weight or bulk. 


Some packing advice for the ladies

Ok, this one isn’t just for the ladies, but it does have a few more tips in here for how best organize your makeup so that’s a great thing to include. 


How to fit an obscene amount into a small bag

In all honesty this is not the most efficient way to pack in terms of accessibility, but none the less it is a highly efficient way to pack when it comes to fitting a lot into less space.  Personally I like to stack things, some like to roll, but others like to do it this way.  Just bear in mind that getting a particular item out of the pack can be a little challenge when folding multiple items together.  If you plan on unpacking into drawers when you arrive it’s less of a concern though.


The “Ranger Roll” – rolling t-shirts into a consistent size for easy packing

Speaking of rolling clothes, this is a great way to roll your t-shirts.  It gives a very consistent way to make sure that everything is the same size.  As you could imagine, if every roll was a different length it could be a nightmare in terms of lost space, but this method solves that while keeping your clothes crease free and easy to access.


How to pack light for travel

To me, packing light is a must.  I just hate waiting in lines to collect baggage, and the carrying around of things I don’t desperately need is far more hassle for me then simply traveling light.  If you love the idea of traveling light listen to Mimi, she makes it easy.


A MASSIVE list of different packing lists for women based on the destination, time of year and more

Just in case you don’t’ think that a regular packing list does the trick these guys know pretty much everything there is to know about packing and no matter where you are going they have a suggested list for it.

Whether you are looking for the ideal packing list for your working holiday in Nepal or a quick spot of fun in France these guys will have you covered.  The lists are great and they have some great extra tips thrown in there for good measure.

 To view all of their packing lists visit here:

The ultimate, cover all necessities but not too much packing list

If you are looking just for the simple but ultimate list then I think this is pretty much it.  It has everything that you need, nothing that you don’t (unless you want to travel extra light) and has loads of extra information including how to tell if you have over-packed and some great tips for things like what to bring if you are visiting churches or other religious buildings.

 Read more here:

A simple packing guide for men

If you are a guy and you are feeling left out then this is for you.  Simple but covering all the basics you can see how things are folded and catch some great space saving tips.


Cold weather travel clothing – a man’s packing list

Looking good is especially important if you are traveling for business and if you plan on taking a trip in winter but don’t want to wear so many clothes that you look like a giant marshmallow then there are some great ways to stay warm without carrying the entire wardrobe with you.

Read more here:

Dressing in layers to stay warm and versatile


When it comes to staying warm you need to dress in layers.  Not only does it allow you to easily remove just a single layer if you get a bit warm, but it saves space, is more versatile, more comfortable and it makes it easier to fit everything in your suitcase.  If your mother didn’t tell you to dress in layers already, then here is how it works:

It’s shoes time – how many, what to bring and how to take care of them so your feet feel good

Ok, shoes…. Yes some people will roll their eyes and others will light up with joy, but the truth is that you probably have feet, so you probably need shoes.  And bringing the right pairs is important to keep your feet feeling good and having what you need for everything that you want to do.  I have pretty dodgy feet myself, so I certainly appreciate how important it is to bring the right shoes so whether you are a guy or a girl this article has a bit made just for you.


The WireCutters guide to the best Travel equipment

The Wirecutter has a pile of great resources, and they focus on having a very simple approach with a maximum of 2 things in each category that they suggest with clear distinctions of why each one would be better in which circumstances.  These guys aren’t about telling you about all the cool toys, just about telling you about the coolest.

Find out the top travel gear here:


Tips for traveling light from Timothy Ferriss

A few years ago (actually quite a few) Tim Ferris released a book called “the Four Hour Work Week” and it pretty much revolutionized the way that many small businesses used outsourcing.  But it also started a trend for taking trips.  This guy loves to travel and his website is a treasure trove of great tips for all sorts of things.

Of his information about traveling light my favourite ideas of his include storing a pack with the essentials in the most common places that you visit.  So if you visit Paris a few times per year you could leave a bag there!  What a great idea, here’s how he does it:

And if traveling light is still not light enough then here is an interesting idea… 6 weeks, 12 countries and NO BAGGAGE at all!  Crazy?  Only one way to find out:

Need a men’s warm jacket?  Check out the Rab Xenon X Review

If there’s one thing that you really need when traveling in winter it’s a good winter jacket or coat.  What you buy depends on if you are going for style or warmth, but if your goal is to stay warm and dry then I think you can’t go past the Rab Xenon X.  It’s a synthetic so it’s heavier than a down jacket but it’s still super light really at under 400g and being suitable for light alpine (mountains!).  So if you are traipsing around Paris then this jacket will make you wonder how you used to get by without a real winter jacket.

See the full review here:


Need a really warm sleeping bag?  These guys tell you exactly which ones are the best

If you need a sleeping bag that will keep you toastie warm, then these guys have reviewed the cream of the crop and found the winner.  Having tested them in a wide range of areas this is pretty much the best review that we could find.

Personally I think that their runner up is probably a great choice unless you are going to the coldest of the cold places.  The number one pick is a bit harder to get and a bit more expensive so if you want to save money and hassle at the same time then the number 2 pick isn’t going to let you down.  Also, the runner up (the Western Mountaineering Bag) is easily available in Australia so you can get fairly easily including online.  Paddy Pallin stock them, so they should be easy to find and you can get them online here:


For the full set of reviews visit:

Written by Luke Duggan — July 15, 2015

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