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Stress is a very huge factor in influencing the physical and emotional well-being of Australians, and Stress Down Day is an extraordinary approach to bring many issues to light about the need for stress reduction. Stress Down Day is a wonderful yearly event held by Lifeline and is dedicated to making sure Australians are aware of ways to reduce stress.

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On Stress Day most people are encouraged to dress down and even enjoy some fun activities with friends and workmates. What I want to do here is encourage you to perhaps think about taking a trip. There are some places on earth that seem almost forgotten and some surrounded by mystery. Oddly enough, these are some of the most relaxing places you’ll ever get the opportunity to visit. Continue to follow along here as I discuss 3 of the most relaxing places you will want to visit for Stress Down Day.

The Very Mysterious Easter Island

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In Chile is where you’ll find Easter Island. The former name of this island is “Teo Pito o Te Henua” which means ‘The Centre (or navel) of the World’. This is one of the best places to go if you really want to be far from tons of tourists that tend to travel to most holiday hotspots. Here you will see the giant moai statues, mysterious monuments and ponder the mystery that surrounds why and how they are there. The island is generally quiet and the weather is also usually very good though checking weather outlets before travel is always a good idea. Easter Island definitely has enough mystery and beauty to take your mind away to another place.

The Remarkable City of Patagonia

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If you ever have the chance to see this remarkable place, you should definitely take it. The City of Patagonia lies at the intersection of Argentina and Chile and is completely stunning. Here is where you will be able to see an amazing burst of glaciers, islands, mountains and icebergs. Many have seen this place and expressed that it’s like seeing mother nature produce a grand finale of landscapes with such beauty. Along with the beauty of the glaciers, islands, mountains and icebergs you’ll also see waterfalls, lakes and lagoons.

The Silence in Tonga

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If you really believe that silence is golden, you should want a trip to Silence in Tonga. Tonga is known for being a place of comfort and if you stay at Silence in Tonga, you definitely get what you bargain for. They add to the already peacefulness and beauty of Tonga the extra perks of quiet and relaxation at their resort. All the natural views and surroundings you’ll experience are unlike any other place in the world and the staff of the resort work hard to give world-class services when you need them. Visit this place and allow the mountains, birds chirping, beauty grass and trees all just sweep you away and clear your mind.

When you want to find a place to truly unwind and recalibrate your mind, visit of these places mentioned here. This is also great for couples, families and friends that want to just get away as a bonding experience. Enjoying nature is always one of the best ways for us to disconnect from the matrix, recalibrate our mind, get rid of stress and even feel at one with our planet again. Whether you choose one of these places or some place else, the key thing to do on Stress Down Day is to stress less and enjoy life more.

Written by Luke Duggan — May 28, 2015

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