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The popular Montreux Jazz Festival will be taking place this July 3-18, 2015. Since it began back in 1967, it has turned into a highly anticipated occasion for music fans in Switzerland and around the globe. Its stages have been graced by the majority of music's greats, from Miles Davis to Ray Charles and from David Bowie to Prince.

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While jazz is the festival's memorable attraction, different styles of music were immediately coordinated into the festival, bound together by an ongoing concept of shared interest and eagerness. However, there are plenty of things for you to enjoy in Switzerland as you take a break from the festival every now and again. Here are some other things you can enjoy while in Switzerland for the Montreux Jazz Festival or any other time of year.


Visit Rhine Falls

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Waterfalls definitely have a way of helping us to take a step back and really appreciate Mother Nature and all that it has to offer us. The Rhine Falls are no different. Feeling the mist of water spraying across your cheeks and seeing the beautiful rainbows at the site will give you a very memorable moment.


Visit Via Mala Gorge

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You will find this amazing sight just outside the town of Thusis. A sign-posted instructive stroll through the enormous common landmark can be taken in the middle of Thusis and Zillis. Just take note that Via Mala interprets as Evil Road.


Hike through Laufen

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This very long hike of 3 ½ hours is actually known to be very enjoyable. Some of the most notable sites are in Laufen. This is where you get to see the Church of St. Katharina, palace of the Prince-Bishops, the Neolithic grave site and the palace of the Prince-Bishops.


Sip Pinot Noir in Schaffhausen

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If wine intrigues you, you'll love to sip some pinot here. The northern area of Switzerland Schaffhausen is one of the big regions where pinot grapes are grown. The area is closed to cars which make it easier to just walk around, sip and shop.


Go Hang Gliding at Mount Chasseral

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In the event that you would prefer not to deal with ski gear, cold weather or big groups, you may choose to go hang gliding at Mount Chasseral during the summer. Mount Chasseral is still a choice if you are a skiing fan.


Experience the Best Lucerne Attractions

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The best sights of the Lucerne include the wooden Chapel Bridge and the Water Tower, the house Wagner spent 6 years of his life in, Musegg Wall and the Dying Lion Monument.

There’s so much to experience in Switzerland, so why make your trip all about one thing? Keep these things in mind as you prepare your trip to Switzerland. Be safe and have the time of your life.

Written by Luke Duggan — May 16, 2015

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