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In 2010, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), decided to make June 25th the International Day of the Seafarer around the world. This has been their way of helping the world acknowledge how most things we use daily come to us thanks to seafarers. There are all kinds of ways to have a fun celebrate that commemorates the big boats and sea life. One of those fun things you can do is take a cruise around Australia.

There are so many beautiful sights that can be seen as you experience the high seas and allow the wind to flow through your hair. If you love big boats and have been looking for a great cruise to take, keep reading for the top 5 cruises you’ll definitely want to know about this year.


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Britannia is P&O Cruises World Cruising’s largest ever ship and made her maiden cruise on March 14, 2015. Since the Britannia also has its own culinary school on-board, you can expect to eat very well while aboard this cruise. See their cruise line HERE.

Anthem of the Seas

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If you travel aboard the Anthem of the Seas this year, you’ll be getting to check it out during its inaugural season. The 360 degree views provided by their glass capsule are definitely one of their biggest draws for this ship. Royal Caribbean International is celebrating 2015 with the launch of Anthem of the Seas which is the sister ship to Quantum of the Seas. This ship has made her maiden voyage in November 2014. Check them out HERE.

Golden Princess

For a cruise line that has stacked up accolades for over a decade in many areas, this is a great one to look into. They are known for being a cruise line that includes discovery sessions, fantastic views and relaxation.

Via Princess

And if you love the idea of watching movies under the stars, this cruise line may just be the one you think about from now on.

Via Princess

To check out their cruise line click HERE.

Viking Star

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Do you ever wonder about trying to get a swim aboard a cruise and whether it will rain? Aboard the new Viking Star, that has her maiden voyage in May 2015, that will not be a problem. This 930-guest ship is actually the first of its kind from Viking Cruises due to it being their first ocean cruise ship. Check out their itineraries HERE.

Aranui 5

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Even though this ship will not be in operation until late 2015, this may be one to look forward to. This ship combines a lot of cultural experiences as you travel along with the experience of travelling on a working freighter at the same time. More information about this cruise line is HERE.

What better way to have a holiday than on a luxury ship?  Don't forget that when you get onto land you might want to keep in touch, so feel free to check out our communications options here

Written by Luke Duggan — May 07, 2015

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