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Over the years, there has been some highly entertaining antics at the Wimbledon championships. Check out our favourite moments.

Back in 2009, Serena Williams raise a few eyebrows and got a few laughs in her press conference after winning the singles title with this cheeky T-shirt. With that when, Serena had just racked up her 11th title so it's safe to say that she can get away with that shirt.


During the 2012 match between Viktor Troicki and Novak Djokovic a fan gave Viktor a tip on how to win, check out what happens.

When Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon Champion was asked by a fan to change his shirt, what else could he do? Queue stip tease music...

It's not uncommon for stars to get marriage proposals, check out what Steffi Graf had to say to this would-be suitor.

I thought Djokovic did a great impression of Maria Sharrock over, what do you think?

For two weeks starting Monday, 29 June and going until Sunday, 12 July you can expect some amazing tennis at the Wimbledon championships. Founded all the way back in 1877, Wimbledon is the oldest, and is widely considered to be the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world.

Written by Luke Duggan — April 21, 2015

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