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This year National families week is being celebrated between 15 May and 21 May 2015. Each year tens of thousands of people from Australia and hundreds of organisations celebrate this important event; the annual celebration of family.

The idea of National families week is to celebrate your time with your family, to make contact with your extended family and friends and to get out and do things in the wider community.

What better way to celebrate your family than having a family holiday! Below are some great ideas for some places that are not only fairly close to Australia, but are fantastic destinations to bring your family.

Hong Kong, China

The furthest destination of all of our suggestions here, China remains a great choice to bring the family. There really is something for everybody in China, from Parkes to temples, museums to nature, and from the relaxing walk on a beach to the excitement of Disneyland.

It's little wonder that with so much crammed into such a small area it is one of the busiest places in the world, but there are some surprisingly nice places to relax and unwind. Lo So Shing Beach is probably the cleanest beach in Hong Kong and though it more of a walk that many other beaches it does have lifeguards and changing rooms.

While on the topic of beaches, it's important to remember that not all beaches are patrolled and though there can in many places be great surf some areas can be dangerous so it's best to pay attention and talk to the locals. Some areas have shark nets so you might want to keep that in mind when choosing a location.

Via GoHongKong
Hong Kong has one of the closest Disneyland theme parks to Australia, so if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind experience that the kids will remember then I don't think it's hard to go past Disneyland. The park is divided into different lands which are essentially themed areas. Each area is completely immersive, you would be unable to hear or see any other land. The idea of this is to help you become part of the world around you. The park itself is massive, at 68 acres it's safe to say that you can't see everything in a day.

The main areas within Hong Kong Disneyland

Main Street

Inspired by Main Street, USA in Disneyland this Main Street is almost identical.


This is the largest themed area amongst all of Disney parks, it is home to tars and Street house and the Festival of the line King.


Fantasyland is where he would meet sleeping beauty, visit the castle and explore.


Tomorrow land is all about the future, lots of metallic trim, lots of blue and lots of purple. It's where you'll find buzz like year, spaced Mt and UFOs.

Toy Story Land

A new addition to the Hong Kong Disneyland, opened in 2011 you can meet characters from the toy story movies in this oversized world.

Grizzly Gulch

Another new addition to the Hong Kong Disneyland is the Grizzly Gulch, set amongst the mountains in woods, this themed area recreates an abandoned old mining town.

Mystic point

The newest addition to Hong Kong Disneyland is set in 1909 in a dense uncharted rain forest surrounded by mysterious forces and supernatural events. Here you will find Mystic Manor, adventurers and mischievous monkeys.

Bali Indonesia

Bali is made up of over 18,000 islands and is located only 1740 km north of Darwin. Being so close to Australia has made Bali one of the most popular family holiday destinations. Not only is it a short cheap flight, but the food is great and the locals are friendly.

Some of the great things to do in Bali include

The Bali reptile Park

This park has the most complete collection of reptiles in all of south-east Asia. Here you can find an amazing Komodo dragon, handle iguanas, and see the largest reticulated-in captivity.

Elephant safari

Located about one hour from Ubud, here you can learn all about elephants and watch them play and bathe in the Park Lake. Elephant rides are also available for those who want to get a bit closer.


It's very easy to find a great tour, there are so many tour operators in the area that there really is no limit to the different things that you can see and do. Depending on your needs you may simply hire a driver for the day or days, or could become part of an organised tour.


There are several professional ran rafting companies along the Ayung River (north-west of Ubud) as well is on the Unda River, near Kungklung. Be sure that any rafting company that you visit is properly qualified and supervised.

Surfing and body boarding

Bali is well known for surfing and has some excellent surf spots. The best season for surfing is between September and March and there really asked amazing surf spots in a lot of different areas depending on your skills and whether you're taking the kid surfing with you or not. Kuta Beach is one of the easiest beaches in the area and though it can get busy it is a lot of fun.


Known as the "land of smiles", Thailand translates to "land of the free" and while unfortunately the beaches aren't quite as pristine as they were it is still a very beautiful place and well worth visiting. Most resorts have excellent facilities for children and with Thailand being so large and diverse, it's easy to find an area that has the sorts of things that you are looking for.

The three most popular family destinations are:

Hua Hin

Roughly a three hour drive from Bangkok this area has great swimming beaches, golf courses, spa resorts and lots and lots of shopping.


Phuket has amazing scenery and a wide range of choices when it comes to places to stay. This island, known as "Pearl of the South" has many attractions including elephant rides, canoeing, rock climbing, horse riding and more.


Bangkok is a great place for a family holiday if you are looking for theme parks, home to Dreamworld, Safari World and Siam Park this really is an amazing place.


So this year on national family week, why not take the time out with your family to go have yourself a holiday.

Written by Luke Duggan — March 09, 2015

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