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Yesterday was International women's Day, because it's impossible to celebrate so many wonderful achievements on just one day we decided that we would devote three days to looking at some of the achievements that women have made.

For more information on International women's Day check out yesterday's post here

Marie Curie

Via Wikipedia

Born Maria Salomea Skłodowska on 7 November 1867 but better known as Marie Curie, Marie was born in Warsaw Poland which was at the time part of the Russian Empire. Marie's chief many awards in her life including being the first woman to win a Nobel prize and the only woman to win a Nobel prize in two different fields (in both physics and in chemistry).

Though she was born in Poland, much of her work was done in France where she became a citizen after marrying Pierre Curie with whom she worked. It was their combined efforts that led to the discovery of polonium and radium though it was after her husband's death that she discovered and developed x-rays.

Some of her many awards include:
  • Nobel Prize in Physics (1903)
  • Davy Medal (1903)
  • Matteucci Medal (1904)
  • Elliott Cresson Medal (1909)
  • Albert Medal (1910)
  • Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1911)
  • Willard Gibbs Award (1921)


Marie was born in Warsaw, Poland's capital and largest city. It sits on the best Vistula River about 260 km from the Baltic Sea. Currently the estimated population is approximately 1.7 to 9,000,000 residents although far more when you include the surrounding areas.

Warsaw is in fact the ninth most populated capital city in the European Union though despite the huge population it is also ranked as the 32nd most liveable city in the world.

Warsaw is cold, but not so cold that scares away the terrorists, in June to August temperatures approach 20°C, but by December the needle generally stays below 5°. So it is cold, but is nothing like Russia and certainly very liveable.

Architecturally, the style is somewhat eclectic. During the Second World War, Warsaw was almost destroyed by bombing raids so while some historic buildings were rebuilt, there is a mix of old and new style.

Warsaw is ranked as the 46 the most expensive city to live in and is classified as an alpha world city which means that it's a major world city and by world standards it is on a par with Amsterdam or Rome or similar cities like this. That means that it will have everything that you looking for, is moderately priced (or by Australian standards it's cheap as chips) and yet it still has the education, transport and infrastructure that you would expect in a well designed modern city.

Written by Accounts RS — March 09, 2015

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