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There are plenty of places in the world you could choose for your next vacation, but personally I've always enjoyed selecting a place that would help put me in the greatest frame of mind possible and offers me maximum comfort. If you think along the same lines as myself, what could possibly be more relaxing and offer greater comfort than visiting a place that's about as close to paradise as you'll ever find while walking this giant ball we call Earth? There's nothing quite like waking up in the morning to have the sun shining down, sea breeze blowing in the air, and the satisfaction of knowing you're on an island that encompasses everything you could ever hope for in a vacation, offering things for couples, singles, or even the entire family.

While some people would immediately assume that Hawaii is the chosen destination for all of these things, there's another place that actually showcases these things even more than even the wondrous splendour that is Hawaii. When you're looking for places that meet all these criteria you can do no better than Bali, with it being so close you will save more than just a couple dollars and that makes it even better.  Trust me, you're not going to find a single place on the planet that will eclipse the beauty, wonder, and all out enjoyment factor you'll experience on your vacation in Bali.

As a parent I know that the first question on any other parents mind when planning their vacations is if the destination you're choosing will be kid friendly. While it's fun to get away with your significant other from time to time there really is nothing quite like a great family vacation that includes the little ones. Bali isn't just for adults, they have plenty to offer those of us who have kids that we're planning to bring along for the ride. At the top of the list of family options is Asia's top rated water park Waterbom, the place has been around for years and is still a staple of family trips, typically marked as the first place the children will want to go once you get checked into your room.

Another amazing option for the family is to take an Elephant safari trip. The little ones will love getting to ride on an Elephant, as will the adults, and it'll offer the chance to bond on the trip as you take in the surroundings. This is another example of what makes a vacation in Bali such a once in a lifetime affair. Lastly, as you would expect with any island vacation, what trip would be complete without a visit to one of the many beaches that make this place such a wonder to behold? While there are a ton of beaches in Bali you do have to be careful, not all of them are great for young ones, especially if the children aren't the strongest swimmers. Once you find the perfect fit for your family you'll be able to enjoy a day at the beach unmatched by any other location, making this possibly the most enjoyable family trip you'll ever have.

With any great thing you have to expect, naturally, that there will be at least some negative attached. It's the way of the world, nothing can ever be all good all the time, if it were then everyone would want to live there which would lead to your obvious negative of overcrowding. The cost of flying to Bali is really very reasonable and if you book ahead there are some great specials usually on offer so book ahead and that way you will have more money for fun and accommodation.  Speaking of accommodation, it's great value and there is a huge range of choices at prices well under Australian prices.  You can get cheap stays for as low as $5 per day and pretty fantastic accommodation for $100 per night, right up to the very prestigious at the prices that you would expect for top of the line.  Either way, the food, accommodation and travel in Bali are super cheap, especially compared with an Aussie holiday.

One of the downsides of Bali is the traffic.  Not only is it really busy (especially coming and going from the airport) but there is also a special local way of driving where everyone may appear to be going all over the place with no rules.  Once you are there for a few weeks it seems perfectly normal, but it does make hiring a scooter there (which is very common) far more dangerous that I would suggest for an unwary tourist.

One other problem that seems to be pretty prevalent in tourist rich countries is also a bit of an issue in Bali, there are people looking for handouts around. It's not to an obscene level typically, but if you're not a fan of people asking for money or if you get antsy in possibly uncomfortable situations you may want to take this into consideration so it's not a huge shock when you get to the area. As stated before, for the most part Bali is paradise on Earth, but as with anything else you'll have patches here and there of negative, but overall they aren't enough to detract from the overall positive environment.

Taking the good with the bad is simple is a place as amazing as Bali, you've got so many options of things you could do right within reach, this is why I keep saying how close this place is to paradise on Earth. They have things for families, as I stated before, but you can also do a few things just with your significant other that make it the perfect place for a couple to visit with one another. Obviously, at the top of the list taking a stroll along one of the many beautiful beaches at your disposal in such a wonderful island setting. Another option is taking a day to check out the local villages while also going through the famous local rice paddies, giving yourself a bit of a feel for the native life while also getting to do something a little less "touristy" than usual.

For the underwater enthusiasts out there you can also do some diving and explore the wreck of the USAT Liberty. This is an amazing experience in itself, a maze of different underwater rooms that offer a glimpse at many different coral and fish, it's another one of those once in a lifetime moments that you'll remember for the rest of your life. I've personally always been interested in what happens beneath the surface of the waves, there's just so much going down there that we never really get to encounter making something like this dive such a must whenever you have the opportunity.

And of course, what would a trip to a foreign land be without taking in the local eats? Bali doesn't disappoint in this category either, checking out the classic local dishes like Babi Guling or Ayam Betutu, trust me it'll top anything you might find at one of the more Americanized restaurants in the area. When you weigh everything out the benefits of a trip to Bali outnumber the negatives by such an immense number that it would be completely insane to decide not to make this your next vacation destination. Some things are just meant to be, and a trip to Bali is one of those things. Take the plunge, it's a trip you'll never forget.

Written by Luke Duggan — February 17, 2015

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