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There's a lot you can do to save money while overseas but here are some perhaps you haven't thought about.


1. Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is something they can save you an absolute fortune and really doesn't cost much to have. In a recent study conducted by AAMI insurance, they found that the most expensive city to get sick in was New York City. They found that a single night in the intensive care ward in a New York City hospital would cost up to $22,500! Sure, not if aware is that expensive the costs were surprising. It was found even in countries that you would expect to be substantially cheaper such as Vietnam the costs of a single night in hospital could potentially be over $2000. So with costs like this travel insurance seems like a very reasonable cost, and one that could save you a lot of money. If you have an organised you travel insurance yet, check out out here


2. Plan where you will be staying in advance

Not only do many find it quite stressful to work out where they're going to stay at the last minute, it often means that the best deals and choices are either too difficult or too late. By planning ahead you can look for places that have all the features that you're looking for, are in the right areas so that you have access to the things that you want to do, and are at the right price. This planning ahead can make it a lot easier when you consider things such as how you will keep in touch with people while you are overseas. Knowing if you're going to have access to Wi-Fi, telephone or an actual computer while you are away can make it a lot easier than leaving it to the last minute.

3. Book your tickets ahead

By booking ahead you can often get far better deals and by living at the last minute. This is often because places realise that they can charge more if you don't have the luxury of time to shop around, but it's also because since you really don't have the time to shop around it's difficult you to find the best option at a moment's notice. Planning ahead in this way are also allows you to make subtle changes to your travel plans such as changing the dates of travel to line up with the cheapest travel choices. You can often find that if you're willing to travel when many people would prefer not to, you may be able to save quite a large sum of money.


4. Plan your phone and Internet access before you leave

For many travelers, keeping in touch while they are away is an absolute necessity. Sometimes this is because they have kids, other times useful work, other times it's simply because that would prefer to be able to be in touch just in case. Personally, I like to have each net and phone access while on the way so that I can easily call my partner (who is travelling with me, but not always next to me), so that I can choose to read the news on my iPad when I want, and so that I have access to Skype and email to easily communicate with friends. The remaining choices in how you remain in touch, some accommodation may have access to Wi-Fi or a communal computer, but I prefer to carry a Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi hotspots are convenient, allowing multiple devices all to access the Internet at once and have simple predictable costs and allow me to control how much I spend on the Internet. Similarly if you're looking for a local Sim card, organising a Sim card in advance can mean that you will have the phone number before you travel which makes it very easy to give to anyone who needs it before you leave.

5. Thoroughly investigate your potential travel destinations before you leave

It can be helpful to have a list of things that you really want out of the destination. By researching before you leave you can easily rule places out based on the criteria that you set for example you might need a location for a specific price, we might want to have access to particular facilities such as reliable Internet, or maybe this certain things that you want do every day and so you need to be staying near those things. By knowing exactly what you're looking for it can make finding a holiday destination a lot easier.


So next time you can have a trip, these five things should make things just that little bit easier.

Written by Luke Duggan — November 20, 2014

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