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It’s an all too common story that we hear, people return from travel to find that they have a larger phone bill and they ever thought possible.

It's coming up to summer, and that for many means travel time. Before you travel it's important to make sure that you know how in touch with your loved ones while overseas. There's nothing worse than getting back from holiday to find a massive phone bill, sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars!


The main causes of mobile phone bill shock are:


  1. Not investigating the costs of roaming on your mobile phone plan
  2. Knowing the costs, but planning on only using a very small amount and then forgetting to turn off data all roaming
  3. Not planning ahead

It's pretty easy to avoid these sorts of problems, by planning before you leave you will know not only the costs of calls and data while you are away, but you can even organise a phone number on a special overseas account makes it very cheap and easy for everyone to be our contact you.

It doesn't matter with you plan on travelling to just one country or many countries, there are solutions to fit all types of travellers.

For those that plan on travelling to just one country, you can get a Sim card specific to that country. These are like getting a Sim card while in the country, but a far more convenient. There better because:

  1. You know your phone number before you leave, so you can give it to anyone that needs before you go
  2. These are far cheaper than roaming services
  3. Many of our cards come with unlimited dada, bonus minutes, free texts and more

If you're looking to travel to more than one country, roaming Sim (a Sim card valid in multiple countries) maybe just the solution you're looking for. These Sim cards work in many countries, and no matter which of those countries your written has the same phone number. This means that no matter where you why you can receive and make calls, and that regardless of where you are there will be one phone number that people need to know. Roaming Sims are:

  1. Up to 90% cheaper then traditional roaming costs
  2. Conveniently available in all sizes
  3. Allow you to travel in over 200 countries or regions

The best thing about both of these Sim card options is that they are prepaid. This means that you will never have a bill that could surprise you, it's the only risk free way to manage your data and phone costs while travelling overseas. Go ahead and get started.

Written by Luke Duggan — November 20, 2014

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