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For many people one of the most enjoyable ways to travel through Vietnam is to ride a pushbike. Cycling across Vietnam gives great access to amazing food and some of the most beautiful and scenic areas of the world. Riding a bike is a fantastic way to really be close to the world around you, it's a great way to meet locals and have a fantastic time.

Vietnam is one of the safest destinations for travellers in the world, but as you may expect the roads can be busy and traffic can be challenging. By travelling with the cycling group you can find out the ideal routes to reduce the amount of traffic that you encounter. Whether you're travelling by yourself or in a group, travel insurance is highly recommended. Travel insurance is necessary for many of the bicycle tours and even if it isn't necessary, it certainly is a good idea. The cost of a hospital visit while overseas can be far more painful the injury itself.

If you're travelling by yourself, or as a small group having a mobile phone with you is very important. By planning to make sure that you have a mobile phone with data access you can easily find places that you could eat, maps to get you back on the right track and communication when you need it most. Of course as with all valuables, it’s best to keep your mobile phone in a secure place has there are stories of phones been snatched from traveller’s hands.

If data is more important than phone calls for you, you might find the roaming data Webbing Spot portable Wi-Fi device to be a great fit for your travels. For $30 per day you get 300 MB of download and if you don't travel often, you can even rent the device for only one dollar per day. For many people this is an ideal way to stay in touch using things like Skype and email, and a way to have access to maps while on the road. The Webbing spot Wi-Fi device has 11 hours of battery device and can be used in over 140 countries. To find out more check out our roaming data section.

Written by Luke Duggan — November 20, 2014

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