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For a newbie user of the Samsung Galaxy S5, it is essential to know how to change your SIM as well as the memory card on the device. To start, you need to know how to remove the rear cover as for many people; this proves to be a challenge. It is a bit tricky to remove the rear cover of the Samsung S5, so you might want to be careful when doing that. Follow this guide step by step and you can easily remove the cover and change the SIM card in seconds.


  • Always make sure to power off the device by holding the Power button on the right of the device.
  • Next, place the phone face down on a solid surface and you will find a tiny space in the upper left corner of the phone.
  • Use your thumb to pry open the cover using the small notch.


To Remove or Insert the Memory Card

Unlike the previous models, the Samsung Galaxy 5 has the memory card slot and the SIM card slot in the same location, one on top of the other (the memory card slot is on top of the SIM card). So, make sure you insert the memory card on the top slot. Once done, insert the SIM.

To Insert or Remove the SIM Card

  • You’ll see a slot below the battery of the device. To insert the SIM, simply push it through the slot with the gold connectors facing downwards and the notch edge of the card should be towards the battery.
  • To remove the SIM card, simply push down the visible edge area and try sliding it out. You may have to try several times before it slides out.


To Remove or Insert the Battery

  • To insert the battery, keep the instruction side up with the golden connectors facing the camera lens. Push the battery down into the battery compartment.
  • To remove, simply pry out the battery through a small notch present at the bottom edge of the compartment.

Now that it’s all done, put the cover back on gently. Make sure it snaps into place and there are no spaces left at the edges.   

Power on your device and follow activation instructions. You are now ready to experience the joy of using your Samsung Galaxy S5!

Written by Luke Duggan — November 20, 2014

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