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Top FREE Travel Apps to use on your next trip!

Travelling overseas for business or pleasure and not sure what Apps will help make your journey easier? Check out the top FREE and helpful Travel Apps available for Android and Apple.

Tips For Travelling on a Plane with Kids, Babies & Teens…..

The Summer Hols are almost here and many of us will find ourselves looking forward to a long anticipated family trip. The downside of these trips can often be the stress related to travelling on planes with kids. I’ve put together a number of tips to try and help alleviate some of the angst and make the trip to your destination, if not pleasurable, at least bearable!


Top 10 Business Travel Tips

It’s the old saying “Be Prepared” that is key when you are taking a business trip.  This simple mandate should be applied across all areas of your trip from start to finish. Hope you find this information useful!

We look at Pre Departure, booking your flight, packing, loyalty programs, on the plane tips, accommodation, car hire, travel technology, cultural tips and more.

10 Things Airlines Are Implementing To Make It More Comfortable To Fly Coach

Modern air travel is becoming more and more unpleasant and uncomfortable as the airlines keep shrinking seat sizes in order to fit more passengers on their planes.  This is particularly true when it comes to economy class. 

However, not all airlines are taking this approach.  Many of them in fact are using new innovation to increase comfort for their passengers.  From cabin filtration systems for producing cleaner air to coach seats converting to flat beds, the following are 10 things that airlines are doing to make coach flights more comfortable and enjoyable.

Best travel destinations according to the biggest travel sites around the world

There are so many places to visit in the world, and everyone seems to have a different idea of what the best destination is.  The reason for this of course is that huge variety of places, the amazing things to see and the unique tastes and styles from all around the world.

Here are what some of the biggest names in travel have to say when it comes to finding the best places in the world to visit.

Greatest Festivals of the World

Have you ever stopped and wondered what you could do on your holiday next?

The truth is there are so many different holiday destinations, and so many different things to do that you really can't run out of amazing places to visit.

But have you taken a holiday that includes visiting one of the greatest festivals in the world?

3 Of The Most Relaxing Places In The World For Stress Down Day

Stress is a very huge factor in influencing the physical and emotional well-being of Australians, and Stress Down Day is an extraordinary approach to bring many issues to light about the need for stress reduction. Stress Down Day is a wonderful yearly event held by Lifeline and is dedicated to making sure Australians are aware of ways to reduce stress.

On Stress Day most people are encouraged to dress down and even enjoy some fun activities with friends and workmates.

What SIM card should I use when travelling overseas?

Global Multi-Country Roaming SIM OR

Local Country SIM OR

Australian Home SIM?

If you are planning a trip overseas and want to keep using your phone what’s the best option?

There are a number of factors to consider

How to pack for winter travel

Whether it’s business, because it’s just the time of year that you are going, a trip to an area that is nicer with snow or simply because you like the cold then we have the ultimate guides anywhere on the internet to show you exactly what you should bring and how you should pack it.

Check out our latest guide to all things for packing for your winter trip.  From packing light to packing everything we cover it all.

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